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I was the creator of the once popular “Made in India” website, blog and directory of Indian websites, firms and brands. It was active since late 90s to 2014 in one form or the other. If you wish to know more about me and read my older pages you have to become a member of [DACT India.]( Financial Support is needed to maintain my Web Services. Contact me at the Address below. If you wish to to talk over Phone, send an SMS first. You can also send an Email. Support DACT India as a Lifetime Sponsor - Onetime Fees Rs. 240,000. Valid for the Lifetime of this Service. We will upgrade this Service after we get the first Sponsor. Sponsor Members have full Publishing Access. Leave a [Message here]( *Anantha Narayan* : lat=12.9279837 lon=77.5682787 ![](file-guid:ed1f4135-1733-401e-a1fe-c0d08c3eaefc "dact-24.jpg") ![><](file-guid:def40b16-3066-4d67-ab8f-2028eab1c9b8 "blue-grey-line-shadows.jpg" =100%x)![](file-guid:83094df8-5148-4467-8289-7f7802d0ff11 "image.png" =100%x)


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